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TomoTherapy® Only at UConn Health

UConn Health is the only site in Connecticut t to offer patients a revolutionary cancer treatment, the TomoTherapy® Hi-Art® treatment system.

TomoTherapy is an effective treatment for head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, gynecologic cancer and others. Its advanced system:

  • Customizes treatment delivery for each patient.
  • Acquires 3D images of tumors before every treatment.
  • Delivers precise targeting and attacking of cancer cells.
  • Minimizes radiation to healthy tissue.

“Precision and accuracy can make a big difference in treating some tumors that are adjacent to critical organs, such as the brain, head and neck, and prostate,” said Robert Dowsett, M.D., chief of the Division of Radiation Oncology at UConn Health. The TomoTherapy system is housed within UConn Health’s newly renovated, state-of-the-art Radiation Oncology center.

Before a patient receives TomoTherapy, a detailed three-dimensional image is taken of the area being treated. The physician then uses special software to “paint” on the image, identifying specific regions to receive radiation, and those areas to remain untouched.

Unlike previous technologies that use wide bands of radiation from a limited choice of directions, TomoTherapy uses rotating narrow “pencil” beams of radiation to treat the tumor from all sides, with variable intensity.

This treatment and technology was made possible by a generous donation from Connecticut natives Carole and Ray Neag, who have a long history of support to UConn Health and the university.

The Neags say that their interest in TomoTherapy stems from Mrs. Neag’s radiation treatments, and their desire to put UConn Health at the forefront of cancer research and technology.

How Is the Hi-Art® System Different?
Photo of patient going into the TomoTherapy system A better way to deliver radiation therapy by targeting the tumor and sparing healthy tissue. Learn more >


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What Is the Tomo® Process?
Photo of nurses with a patient going into the TomoTherapy system By integrating planning, imaging and delivery, TomoTherapy is easier on patients—and their treatment teams.

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A Radiation Therapy that Revolves Around You
Photo of a woman hula hooping You don’t have to travel to Boston, New York or even Hartford to find it. It’s right here at the Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center.


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